Hidden Note

Tada! You found the hidden note! This note is just like Markdown RenderedMarkdown Rendered
This page contains a quick reference to all markdown properties. 90% of this was part of the Simple Jekyll theme, which we forked to built this one. Great job, makers!

By the way, how did you reac...
, but not part of the feed since we hide it using notetype: unfeed. Please remember that the intention here is only to declutter the feed and not provide any 'protection' to the content. Notes with unfeed note type will be synced to Github, accessed via URL, and hyperlinked.

How to handle Private notes?

I would recommend using sub-folders inside _notes (Eg: Public and Private) and add Private to .gitignore so that Private notes won't get synced to Github. PS: Can you see the backlink to Welcome to the garden? That's backlinking! :)